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In this podcast, sales revenue growth expert, Doug C. Brown, interviews CEOs of highly successful and profitable companies to uncover and share actionable tips behind their bulletproof sales strategies.

There is one thing about the people who have created successful businesses and kept them growing – they just happen to have learned and used sales strategies that really work! There is no doubt that you have the potential to be next in line if you have the courage to follow the path they took, one successful strategy at a time.

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How can utilizing digital marketing help you grow your business? Doug C. Brown speaks with digital marketing expert and founder of Allie Bloyd Media, Allie Bloyd, about how expanding your online presence can help you grow your revenue. Allie and Doug also discuss using data in your marketing campaigns, the differences between digital and traditional marketing, the three levels of marketing funnels, and much more.
Do you know the right processes for better growth, profitability, and scalability? Many entrepreneurs and businesspeople want to scale, but not everyone knows how to. And sometimes, scaling isn’t the right move at all. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Scott Sambucci, the founder of SalesQualia and an expert on scaling. Doug and Scott discuss when to scale and when not to scale, how to scale successfully while minimizing instability, and much more.
The point of business is to make a profit – but have you considered the value of looking beyond the bottom line as well? In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Josh Olson, the Executive Director of Angel Flight West, a nonprofit organization that enables pilots to fly people to medical appointments and bring medical transportation to those who cannot afford it. Doug and Josh discuss the power of win-win thinking, why big-picture thinking matters in business, how cause-driven marketing campaigns can increase revenue and brand loyalty, and much more.
Do you know the difference between strategy and tactics? Many people often confuse them for the same thing, but they are different. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with strategic business coach and the CEO of Eckfeldt & Associates, Bruce Eckfeldt. Doug and Bruce discuss leveraging strategic plans, how to transition from a founder to a CEO, the mindset differences between founders and CEOs, and much more.
Many people go into business for freedom and flexibility, but end up getting stuck in the process – so what do you do when you want to leverage your success? In this bonus episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with the co-founder and CEO of the ASK Method Company, Ryan Levesque. Doug and Ryan discuss how to create freedom and leverage by using the hybrid expert model in your company. They also discuss why having a leverage plan is critical, strategies to help you grow your revenue, why courage is key to success, and much more.
Have you ever felt like or known that you were procrastinating on an important task? If so, you’re in the majority of business owners – and most of us harbor a lot of guilt about it. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. And, in even more good news, procrastination is a habit that can be broken. Join Doug C. Brown and Eric M. Twiggs, the founding partner and president of the What Now Movement, as they discuss why procrastination happens, how to navigate it in business, ways to make yourself happier at work and in life, and much more.