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When you’re building a business relationship, what’s the goal you have in mind? Many salespeople have a primary focus on one thing – closing a sale. And while this is a great goal, making this your primary focus might end up biting you in the long run when it comes to your success. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Connie Whitman, the founder of Changing the Sales Game, about how to maximize your relationship for ultimate success by playing the long-term game over short term benefit. Doug and Connie discuss playing the long game in selling, building relationships that benefit your business and your life, and much more.
What defines the CEO mindset? Everyone may have a different answer. In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with returning guest Orrin Klopper, CEO of Netsurit. Doug and Orrin do a deep dive into the CEO mindset, why learning how to think like a CEO is essential when selling to them, how to build synergy with your life and your business, and much more.
Many assume that cold calling is dead in this ever-expanding digital era. But for Wendy Weiss of Salesology, today’s increasing access to technology allows for better opportunities in this particular sales technique – you only have to know the right approach for it. In this episode, she joins Doug C. Brown in dissecting different strategies for becoming a highly effective and extremely relatable cold caller.
How can you attain the mindset of a Top 1% Earner and use it to propel yourself to success? In this episode, Doug C. Brown and sales performance consultant and author, Karl Becker, discuss how the Top 1% of Earners think, and how they use it to scale to incredible heights. They also discuss the value of modeling the 1% Earner mindset to achieve your goals, building lifetime value, and much more.
Being an elite 1% earner can be a lot to handle. How do you navigate the challenges that come your way? In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with returning guest Sam Palazzolo, Founder and Managing Director of Tip of the Spear Ventures, about what Top 1% Earners are doing today to stay at the top. They also discuss timeless challenges such as standing out amongst competition and handling rejection, modern considerations such as technology and AI’s emerging role in selling, and much more.
Do you want to know the secrets of the top 1% earners in sales? If so, you’ll want to listen in. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Ian Selbie, founder of SalesMentorU. Doug and Ian discuss their insider knowledge of sales success (which Ian used to become one of the top salespeople in the world at Apple), expert strategies to differentiate yourself from others in selling, and much more.