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In this podcast, sales revenue growth expert, Doug C. Brown, interviews CEOs of highly successful and profitable companies to uncover and share actionable tips behind their bulletproof sales strategies.

There is one thing about the people who have created successful businesses and kept them growing – they just happen to have learned and used sales strategies that really work! There is no doubt that you have the potential to be next in line if you have the courage to follow the path they took, one successful strategy at a time.

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Selling one-to-one is fantastic, but selling one-to-many can be even better. This week, Doug C. Brown speaks with the founder and CEO of The King’s Council and Social Dynamic Selling, Rylee Meek, about how to maximize your sales skills to get in front of as many people as you can. Doug and Rylee also discuss leveraging your skillsets, how to grow your sales revenue, why you should keep an open mind in your sales journey, and much more.
Have you thought about hiring fractional CROs and CMOs? Maybe it’s time that you do. Hiring a fractional CRO or CMO could be incredibly helpful in boosting your company’s revenue. Having an outside perspective – even part time – helps us see all angles and expose our blind spots, which can help us grow. Doug C. Brown discusses hiring fractional CROs and CMOs with House of Revenue founder and CEO Mary Grothe in this episode. They discuss why to hire fractional CROs and CMOs, when you should (or should not), the right ways to guide them within your company, and much more.
In today’s constantly evolving digital world, content matters more than ever. But the trick to making your content work is to create the right content for you, your business, and your brand. In today’s episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Pat Helmers, the founder and CEO of Habanero Media, about how to leverage your content. They also discuss how to stand out from the crowd in a sea of digital creation, relationship-building online and offline, and much more.
What makes a top performer different from others when it comes to quota? Doug C. Brown speaks with Donald Kelly, podcast host, founder, and CEO of the Sales Evangelist, about the skillsets and strategies that separate top performers from the rest. Doug and Donald also discuss how to go from an underperformer to an overperformer, and when you should accelerate a sale, and how to hit – and go beyond – your quota.
There is no doubt that stress can take a huge toll on your health when it’s unmanaged. However, stress does not have to be a negative thing – and it can actually have a positive impact when it’s managed correctly. Doug C. Brown speaks with Professor Pete Alexander, co-owner of Office Plants by Everything Grows and Stress Management Specialist. They discuss how to manage stress, how to reduce stress for better efficiency amongst your team, and much more.
Are your business proposals helping you close your deals? While business proposals can be a great way to increase your sales conversion rate, they must be used properly to truly work. Doug C. Brown speaks with Reuben Swartz on this episode of CEO Sales Strategies that’s all about business proposals. They discuss why you should make them easy to remember and re-tell, valuable tips about follow up, how to craft a proposal that will get you more closes, and much more.