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Case Studies

Multinational training company

Objective: The company wanted to improve their B2B clients acquisition and their sales conversion rates. The company also wanted to improve upon a line of products that were underperforming.

Results: The company increased its sales conversation rate from 17.8% to 43.2%, which is about a 143% increase in closing percentage. Their underperforming product line increased by 862% in gross sales within six months.

A business-to-business consultant

Objective: Wanted to increase her overall revenues as well as her quality of clients.

Results: Within four months, she landed her first client for $300,000 in revenue vs $15,000 before. She more than tripled her revenue in her company. She also gained more confidence in herself and control over her own life.

Michelle McGlade

Wireless optimization company

Objective: The company wanted to be a dominant provider in their industry and have a more recognized name. They also wanted to increase their revenues.

Results: Within a 36 month period, they went from 3.5 million to over $10 million in annual sales with improved management efficiency, higher client satisfaction, repeated business, and increased referrals.

A salesperson in a training company

Objective: A salesperson performing at the near bottom of a 67-person sales team wanted to improve their sales skills and get higher commissions.

Results: With systematic training, that person went from $140,000 in commissions earned to $2.1 million per year.

Chris Tomson

Leading global provider of accounting software and services

Objective: The company was losing $10 million a year on a $100 million a year division, and they wanted to get it back to breaking even.

Results: Within 12 months, the company went from a $10 million loss to a $7 million gain. This resulted in an overall increase of $17 million in revenue in one year.

A hardly known provider of online marketing training and services

Objective: They wanted to increase their revenues and become known as the number one global provider in their industry, as well as for overall client satisfaction in their field.

Results: They went from $3 million to over $15 million in revenue while putting in a stable recurring client base with retention of over 50% on their renewal rate each year. They also became the Inc. 5,000 fastest growing company for five years in a row.

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