Hitting Sales Quotas: From Underperforming To High-Performing With Donald Kelly – Episode 83

CSS 82 Donald | Hitting Sales Quotas

What makes a top performer different from others when it comes to quota? Doug C. Brown speaks with Donald Kelly, podcast host, founder, and CEO of the Sales Evangelist, about the skillsets and strategies that separate top performers from the rest. Doug and Donald also discuss how to go from an underperformer to an overperformer, and when you should accelerate a sale, and how to hit – and go beyond – your quota.

Lighten Your Days: Managing Your Stress To Manage Your Business With Professor Pete Alexander – Episode 82

CSS 81 | Manage Stress

There is no doubt that stress can take a huge toll on your health when it’s unmanaged. However, stress does not have to be a negative thing – and it can actually have a positive impact when it’s managed correctly. Doug C. Brown speaks with Professor Pete Alexander, co-owner of Office Plants by Everything Grows and Stress Management Specialist. They discuss how to manage stress, how to reduce stress for better efficiency amongst your team, and much more.

How To Make An Enticing Business Proposal With Rueben Swartz – Episode 81

CSS 80 | Business Proposal

Are your business proposals helping you close your deals? While business proposals can be a great way to increase your sales conversion rate, they must be used properly to truly work. Doug C. Brown speaks with Reuben Swartz on this episode of CEO Sales Strategies that’s all about business proposals. They discuss why you should make them easy to remember and re-tell, valuable tips about follow up, how to craft a proposal that will get you more closes, and much more.

Episode 80 – How To Get To The Top 1% Of Earners With Bill Murphy

CSS 79 | Top 1%

What is the secret to becoming an elite performer? The answer isn’t always just one thing. Join Doug C. Brown and mortgage originator Bill Murphy, author of THRIVING IN THE STORM: Nine Principles to Help You Overcome Any Adversity, as they discuss what it takes to be elite – not just in business, but in life as well. They also discuss what makes a performer elite, the ways that unhealthy patterns can disrupt your life and your success, how to be your most productive self, and more.

Episode 79 – The Key Elements To Making Your Sales Presentations Better With Trevor Lee

CSS 78 | Sales Presentations

Great and effective communication is critical to sales, and knowing how to successfully present is an indispensable tool as a salesperson. In this episode, Doug C. Brown and Trevor Lee, CEO of Trevor Lee Media, discuss the details of what make a sales presentation truly incredible. They also speak about the importance of being yourself, how to practice and get yourself into a peak presentations state, and much more.

Episode 78 – Podcasting For Business: How To Make An Exceptional Business Podcast With Susan Finch

CSS 77 | Business Podcast

Podcasts have become an indispensable business tool. Have you started yours? In this episode, Doug C. Brown and Susan Finch, the President and Owner of Funnel Media Group, discuss why you very likely should. Additionally, they talk about how to maximize your energy and effort, why you need consistency and commitment to succeed, and how to find guests for your show. Whether you have a podcast or not, this episode is worth the listen.

E77 | Episode 77: Why Your Deals Go Quiet And What To Do About It With Steven Norman

CSS 76 | Deals Go Quiet

How do you keep your sales alive?
On this week’s episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown is joined by Steven Norman, the founder of Growth Acumen, author of Future Proof Sales Strategy, and business acceleration growth expert, to discuss what to do when your deals go dark. Doug and Steven discuss how to strengthen your sales deals for success, how to improve your sales processes, and much more.

Episode 76 – Dawn Shuler On Toxic and Non-Performing Employees: Their Impact And How To Handle Them

Have you ever dealt with a toxic employee? If you have, you know how draining they can be, not only to you, but to your entire organization. You may have also encountered difficulty in letting them go. In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown speaks about ethically handling difficult and toxic employees with Dawn Shuler, the owner of Shuler Group LLC. Doug and Dawn also discuss what makes a great team, how to build your best company culture and cultivate a healthy environment, and much more.

Episode 75 – Generational Selling: The Different Ages Of Selling With Shawn Casemore

CSS 75 | Generational Selling

Are you confused when you’re selling to different generations?
You’re not alone. The good news is that, with a bit of insight and communication, it isn’t quite as complex as you may think. In this episode, Doug C. Brown discusses how to maximize selling to different generations with Sean Casemore, the author of The Unstoppable Sales Machine. Doug and Sean also discuss different social media habits, why you need to follow up, and more tips to successfully navigate generational gaps between you and your clients.

Episode 74 – Digitizing Manufacturing Processes With Naveen Poonian

CSS 75 | Manufacturing Processes

At times, processes can be forgotten in the daily running of your business. But solid, effective processes can (and often will) make or break your company’s success – and your sanity. On this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown has a conversation with Naveen Poonian, the CEO of iBASEt. They discuss the importance of vision, why you should reframe your thoughts around failure, how to determine processes to help your business thrive, and more.