Become A Top-Performing Company: How To Analyze And Optimize Your Revenue With Scott Stouffer [Episode 124]

CSS 122 | Optimize Your Revenue

Analyzing and optimizing your revenue can help identify what you could improve to bring long-term profit to your business. In this episode, Scott Stouffer, the Founder of scaleMatters, explains how to analyze and optimize your revenue to generate profit. Scott advises that you should not work on everything altogether but instead focus on one thing and see its effect on your business before moving to the next thing. Scott also draws on their experimentation culture and recognizes its value in building revenue profits in the company. Tune in to this episode and learn how to get to the top 1%.

Getting More Prospective Business From Your Current Client Base Through Meaningful Customer Service With Alex Levin [Episode 123]

CSS 121 | Current Client Base

As time goes on, more and more companies are switching to digital communication, but they are missing the human element that builds relationships. But personalized and approachable customer service can be one of the best strategies in your business. In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Alex Levin, the founder of Regal.io. Doug and Alex discuss how a lack of connection costs sales, how to develop a strong bond with your clients, and much more.

Discovering The Right Way To Recruit Elite Performers With Dan Fantasia [Episode 122]

CSS 122 | Elite Performers

As a founder, do you feel like you struggle when it comes to creating a high-performing sales team?
If so, you’re not alone. In this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown speaks with Dan Fantasia, the CEO of sales recruiting company Treeline, Inc about how to recruit elite performers, and using founder-led sales as a growth strategy. Dan and Doug also discuss how one percent earners think and act, where to start when hiring them, and much more.

Disrupting From Within: Finding A Blue Ocean Strategy For Your Business With Orrin Klopper [Episode 121]

CSS 120 | Blue Ocean Strategy

In today’s ever-expanding world, it can feel almost impossible to differentiate yourself from other companies. So how can you stand out?
A blue ocean strategy may be exactly what you need. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Orrin Klopper, the founder and CEO of Netsurit, about how to find a blue ocean strategy to help you find what makes your business unique, and how to make it work. They also discuss critical success factors for any entrepreneur, why your life’s experiences can hold a mirror to your professional success, and much more.

From Clicks To Clients: How To Use Outbound Cold Email Campaigns To Boost Your Sales With Ron Story Jr. [Episode 120]

CSS 119 | Cold Email

“Cold” can be a scary term when describing outreach. But with the right methods, it can be a highly effective way to create new business relationships. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Ron Story Jr., the founder of PitchDB, the world’s largest podcast search engine which features nearly 3 million hosts. Doug and Ron discuss how to create confidence in your campaigns, why cold outbound reach can still be highly effective, and much more.

Innovating In A Transformative B2B Market With Daniel Pink [Episode 119]

CSS 119 | B2B Market

For thousands of years, sellers held more information than buyers. But with the dawn of the internet, the world of sales has started to rapidly change, particularly the B2B market. In this episode, Doug C. Brown sits down with Daniel Pink, author of To Sell Is Human, to discuss how businesses must develop new sales techniques and adapt in a world where information is easily accessible at all times.

Maximizing Productivity: How To Create High Leverage Activities in Your Day With Shawn Shewchuk [Episode 118]

CSS 118 | High Leverage Activities

What strategies are you using to maximize your productivity? Are you seeing the results you want?
Daily high leverage activities may be exactly what you need. In this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown speaks with Shawn Shewchuk, the founder of Change Your Results, who successfully built his company to $133 million. Doug and Shawn discuss strategies for boosting your day-to-day productivity for maximum business success, how to allocate your time, balancing efficiency and effectiveness, and much more.

The Value Of Media Exposure With Yitzi Weiner [Episode 117]

CSS 117 | Media Exposure

How can you get media exposure to bring outstanding value to your company? Many of us know that more eyes means more chances of attracting clients – but many of us also don’t know how to obtain this. In this episode, Doug C. Brown has a fascinating conversation with the Editor-in-Chief of Authority Magazine, Yitzi Weiner. Doug and Yitzi discuss the importance of branding to creating a connection with your audience, why a brand goes far deeper than just marketing, and how media exposure can propel your business to soaring heights.

Keeping Online Marketing Simple: A Simple Step-By-Step Process To Acquire More Customers With Taylor Frame [Episode 116]

CSS 116 | Online Marketing

Many entrepreneurs make their marketing efforts far too complicated. Could you be doing this, too? The answer may be in this episode, where Doug C. Brown speaks with Taylor Frame, the co-founder of Focus Funnels. Doug and Taylor discuss simple, straightforward marketing – and how it can lead to your best deals. They also discuss the importance of human-to-human connection in the sales cycle, why entrepreneurs complicate their online marketing efforts, and much more.