The Process Advantage: Using Process Development To Grow Your Sales Revenue With Moustafa Moursy – Episode 104

CSS 104 | Process Development

Are your processes generating revenue growth? On this bonus episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown speaks with Moustafa Moursy, the President of Push Analytics. Doug and Moustafa discuss how well-implemented processes can bring your business – and your life – to the greatest heights possible. They also discuss how to set up processes for maximum efficiency, why customer service is critical to sales success, and much more.

2023 Sales Challenges And How To Face Them With Steve Benson – Episode 103

CSS 99 | Sales Challenges

Are you adapting to the new age of sales? Having a career in sales in 2023 looks very different from how a sales career looked ten years ago – and it looks even more different than ten years before that. Today, the client knows more about the product or service than ever, so how do salespeople adapt? Doug C. Brown speaks with Steve Benson, the founder of Badger Maps, about the new sales experience of 2023, how to overcome new challenges, how to consistently improve, and much more.

High-Velocity Digital Marketing With Steve Kahan – Episode 102

CSS 98 | Digital Marketing

How could digital marketing help your business thrive? As the world shifts ever more digital, businesses need to learn to adapt and thrive at a faster pace than ever before. This week’s episode features a conversation with marketing expert Steve Kahan. Steve and Doug C. Brown discuss how digital marketing could help take your business and its success to the next level, as well as how to understand your buyer’s perception of value, what it takes to have high-velocity marketing in the age of business today, and much more.

Cultivating A Company Culture That Values Employees With Jim Simpson – Episode 101

CSS 97 | Company Culture

Culture can build out a legacy for your company. How are you cultivating yours? In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Jim Simpson, the CEO of Blumira. They discuss how a company’s culture is critical to ensuring lasting success, why strong leadership transcends the workplace, how businesses of all sizes can protect their cybersecurity, and more.

Delegate Your Administrative Burdens And Gain Your Time Back With Valerie Trapunsky – Episode 99

CSS 96 | Delegating Burden

Do you feel like you have time for both your life and your business? Many entrepreneurs struggle with this. Often, we get bogged down by lots of tasks and obligations, and it can be difficult to build leverage for ourselves and our business. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Valerie Trapunsky, the founder and CEO of Chatterboss. Doug and Valerie discuss why you should delegate tasks to others, the hidden costs of not doing so, how to balance your time to do the things you love, and more.

The Three Yous: How Impression Management Can Help You Get To The Top 1% Of Earners With Robert Mixon – Episode 97

CSS 95 | Impression Management

Do you want to become a stronger leader? In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown talks leadership with retired U.S. Army Major General and founder of Level Five Associates, Robert Mixon. Doug and Robert discuss the “Three You’s”, what they are, and why each one matters. They also discuss traits of the best leaders, why you need others to help you succeed, and strategies for how to reach the top 1% of earners.

Avoiding Burnout By Sustaining Your Energy Throughout The Day With Samuel Johnson – Episode 95

CSS 93 | Sustaining Your Energy

What is your greatest barrier in taking care of your body? If the answer is time, you’re in great company. Many of us don’t pay as much attention to our bodies as we know we should, and in a lot of cases, this leads directly to burnout and stress. But that doesn’t have to be the case – and you can stay healthy without sacrificing time away from your business. This week, Doug C. Brown speaks with Samuel Johnson, the founder of Travel Fit Co. They discuss how a healthy mindset helps to equal a healthy body (and a healthy business), the areas of your health to pay attention to as a high performer, how to deal with stress and burnout, and much more.