Doing Digital Marketing The Right Way: Tested Strategies For B2B And B2C Companies With Erik Huberman [Episode 144]

CEO Sales Strategies | Erik Huberman | Digital Marketing

Many people hire a digital media company without the proper knowledge of how to do so, and don’t get the results they want. However, digital marketing agencies, when there’s a right fit, can transform your company for the better and help propel your success. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Erik Huberman, the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, about successful hiring of a digital agency company. They discuss the do’s and don’ts of hiring, how to set the right (and most realistic) expectations, and much more.

Stages Of Leadership: How To Develop Accountability And Face Fears With Jeremiah Broz [Episode 143]

CEO Sales Strategies | Jeremiah Broz | Accountability

Facing your fears and embracing accountability as a leader is something that many of us know we “should” do. So why don’t we? In this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown speaks with Jeremiah Broz, the CEO of Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar. Doug and Jeremiah discuss their experiences with facing fears and using them as motivation, sales strategies for maintaining margins, and much more.

Leveraging The Power Of AI To Transform Sales With Ryan Staley [Episode 142]

CSS Ryan Staley | AI Sales

Whether you love it or can’t stand it, AI is here to stay, and it’s changing the world – including the world of selling. In this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown speaks with Ryan Staley, the founder and CEO of Whale Boss. They discuss how to incorporate AI into your selling process, using it to increase your efficiency, keeping human-to-human connection alive and thriving, and much more.

Understanding Human Behavior: How To Sell To People Who Don’t Want To Be Sold To With Anthony Vizzari [Episode 141]

CEO Sales Strategies | Anthony Vizzari | Understanding Human Behavior

Are you considering human behavior when you’re selling? Many salespeople go through the motions, but don’t always remember to consider what may be happening underneath the surface with their clients. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Anthony Vizzari, the founder and CEO of 7th Level. Doug and Anthony discuss the importance of asking the right questions (and doing it effectively), building rapport with clients in the information age, properly assessing your own skills, and much more.

Customer-Centric Recruiting Strategies: How To Recruit, Onboard, Train, And Retain Sales Reps With Stephen Rhyne [Episode 139]

CEO Sales Strategies | Stephen Rhyne | Recruit

How can you seamlessly onboard new hires? In this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown speaks with Stephen Rhyne, the founder and CEO of ConveYour, about how to recruit, train, and retain sales representatives at mass scale. They go in-depth on the mindset of treating your sales representatives like clients, the importance of moderation with automation, hiring top talent, and much more.

Negotiation Versus Sales: Understanding The Secret To Win Deals With Mark Raffan [Episode 138]

CEO Sales Strategies | Mar Raffan | Negotiation And Sales

Your negotiation skills can make or break your sales deals, and each has its skill sets and unique qualities that separate them from each other. This week, Doug C. Brown speaks with Mark Raffan of Negotiations Ninja on leveling up your negotiation conversations to the top 1%. Doug and Mark discuss the differences between building trust versus rapport, creating value in negotiations, and much more.

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Mediocrity In Sales With Tom Reber [Episode 137]

CSS 137 | Sales Mediocrity

When you reach a consistent high point in selling, what do you do? Some salespeople keep going. Others decide to pull back when they feel satisfied with their work. However, when you’re striving for more, this approach can come with a very high cost. In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown converses with Tom Reber, the founder of The Contractor Fight, about the cost of mediocrity and why “good enough” can hold salespeople back. They discuss the common pitfalls entrepreneurs often face when transcending average, how your “unseen hours” define your sales game, the benefits of planning time off, and much more.

Ethical Sales: Playing The Long Game And Getting Repeat Customers With Glenn Poulos [Episode 136]

CSS 136 | Repeat Business

How do you sell with integrity and retain trust and rapport with your clients? The secret lies in ethical sales. This week, Doug C. Brown speaks with Glenn Poulos, the co-founder of GAP Wireless, Inc. and author of Never Sit in the Lobby: 57 Winning Sales Factors to Grow a Business and Build a Career Selling. Doug and Glenn discuss selling with integrity to you and your clients, becoming a 1% earner, insights Glenn has gained after successfully selling two companies, and much more.

Hit Or Exceed Your Sales Quota: How To Do It Consistently With Ken Cheo [Episode 135]

CSS 135 | Business Quota

Whether it’s hitting your own sales goals or a set quota, how would you feel if you achieved your goal numbers every month? This week, Doug C. Brown speaks with Ken Cheo, the founder of Our Sales Coach. Doug and Ken discuss hitting your quota every month and what holds salespeople back from doing it. They discuss how to set goals for success, strategic versus tactical thinking, how to create and communicate meaning for your buyers, and much more.

Selling Without A Brand: How To Position Yourself As A Startup With Drew Goulart [Episode 134]

CSS 134 | Selling Without A Brand

It’s no secret that the longest-running brands have a loyal client base, and when you have a new company, selling without a brand can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Drew Goulart, the founder of Zenlytic. Doug and Drew discuss buying decisions and what salespeople need to know about them, why you need to make your target buyer extremely clear from the start, the importance of changing strategies as you scale, and much more.