Sales Mindset: Shifting Your Focus To Be In The Top 1% Of Salespeople With Hugh Liddle – [Episode 68]

CSS 68 | Sales Mindset

Focusing on your skills as a salesperson versus keeping your mindset maintained is a natural thing for many of us to do. However, it can be one of the highly destructive if left unchecked. While skills are undoubtedly important, mindset is what keeps us moving forward, especially in business. In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Hugh Liddle, the Head Sales Wizard of Red Cap Sales Coaching, about the importance of mindset, why you should put it first, how the top 1% of salespeople think, how sales shows up in every aspect of life, and much more.

How To Do Sales The Right Way With Adir Ben-Yehuda – [Episode 63]

CSS 63 | Sales

While sales has undoubtedly changed in immeasurable ways over the years, what hasn’t changed are some core strategies that have stood the test of time. Joining Doug C. Brown is Adir Ben-Yehuda, the VP of Sales and a founding member of Walnut.io, the world’s leading sales demo experience platform. Tune in as as Doug and Adir discuss building a great sales team, timeless techniques to take your sales skills to the next level, selling to enterprise clients, surprising ways to use data to study your customer journey, and much more.

Developing Your Sales Mindset For Success With Chris Yonker – [Episode 54]

CSS 54 Chris | Sales Mindset

You may have heard a thing or two about how important your mindset is for sales. The truth is that you need to ensure your mindset is where it needs to be for you to truly succeed, and how to adapt as you develop.This isn’t always easy – but it’s critical. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Chris Yonker about setting yourself up for success, what drives and influences behavior, how self-confidence affects strategy, why self-confidence is the biggest key to achieving your dreams, and much more.

The Moral Obligation Behind Sales and Selling with Daniel Giordano – [Episode 37]

CSS 37 | Moral Obligation In Marketing

What do you consider to be your moral obligations while you’re selling? And are you fulfilling them? In this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown talks with Daniel Giordano about the importance of morals while growing a 7-figure business, as well as finding the right salespeople, win-win selling, marketing, and more.