E42 | Episode 42 – Aligning Sales And Marketing For Business Growth With Art Saxby

Is there synergy between your sales team and your marketing team?
Many assume these are separate entities that may even be in contention with one another, but there is exponential growth to be found when they are in alignment. On this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown talks with Art Saxby, CEO and founder of Chief Outsiders, about Art’s strategies for aligning his (and his clients’) sales and marketing teams effectively, building trust between sales and marketing, and more.

E39 | Episode 39 – The Simple Way To Keep Growing Your Business With Michael Lovitch

CSS 39 | Growing Your Business

What steps do you take to simplify your business?
For many of us, this is a difficult thing to even think about. It’s often a human tendency to overcomplicate and overcompensate, but this can lead to confusion and a lack of clarity, especially in business. In this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown discusses keeping things simple with Michael Lovitch, the CEO and founder of Baby Bathwater Institute. They also discuss the importance of a support system, why entrepreneurs are prone to deeper feelings than many assume, and much more.

E35 | Episode 35 – How to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Company Without a Sales Team with Rand Fishkin

Building a multimillion-dollar business without a sales team? Yes, you read that right.
Not every business has to have a sales team, but their power does have to be in building quality, connected relationships. On this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown talks with Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz and SparkToro, about how he grew each to 7-and-8 figure businesses, all without a sales team. They also discuss the importance of building connected relationships online and offline, marketing tips, and more.

Elevating Your Business Through Numbers With Brooke Lively

Any entrepreneur can have the best mission in the world and the best intent, but if you don’t manage by the numbers, you may wake up one day finding out that the business managed you. On today’s show, Brooke Lively from Cathedral Capital sits down with Doug C. Brown to discuss how businesses can grow […]