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In this podcast, sales revenue growth expert, Doug C. Brown, interviews CEOs of highly successful and profitable companies to uncover and share actionable tips behind their bulletproof sales strategies.

There is one thing about the people who have created successful businesses and kept them growing – they just happen to have learned and used sales strategies that really work! There is no doubt that you have the potential to be next in line if you have the courage to follow the path they took, one successful strategy at a time.

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Customer service is, at its core, communication. So what happens when communication is impaired? First impressions truly count, and so does every single one after that. Join Doug C. Brown in this solo episode, where he uses stories of personal experiences and lessons learned from his long career in sales to discuss how companies can improve their communication.
Have you ever considered getting a license or a certificate for your business? If you have been following CEO Sales Strategies since the beginning, you will recognize that this week’s guest is none other than Mitch Russo, CEO of MindfulGuidanceLLC and also our first ever returning guest. Listen in as Doug C. Brown and Mitch discuss licensures and certifications, business growth strategies, and more.
Do you want to have other people sell for you, therefore increasing the amount of time you have every day? Your answer is likely yes, and the good news is that this is more within your reach than you might think. In today’s solo episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown shows you how you can make this easier and more efficient, so you can maximize and free up your time - all while selling more than you did before.
Have you ever considered using mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy? While the idea of expanding your company can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. In this episode of CEO Sales Strategies, join Sam Palazzolo and Doug C. Brown as they discuss mergers and acquisitions, finding “unicorn” employees, strategies for building a productive team, and more.