A Holistic Perspective To The Value Creation Process With Lee Benson [Episode 146]

CEO Sales Strategies | Lee Benson | Value Creation Process

What kind of culture are you actively creating in your company? If it’s not based on value, you should think in this direction. This week, Doug C. Brown speaks with Lee Benson, value creation expert and CEO of Execute to Win. Doug and Lee discuss the mindset of holistic value creation, why a value-based culture is beneficial and creates success, the role of a CEO in creating culture, and much more.

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Mediocrity In Sales With Tom Reber [Episode 137]

CSS 137 | Sales Mediocrity

When you reach a consistent high point in selling, what do you do? Some salespeople keep going. Others decide to pull back when they feel satisfied with their work. However, when you’re striving for more, this approach can come with a very high cost. In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown converses with Tom Reber, the founder of The Contractor Fight, about the cost of mediocrity and why “good enough” can hold salespeople back. They discuss the common pitfalls entrepreneurs often face when transcending average, how your “unseen hours” define your sales game, the benefits of planning time off, and much more.

Sales Revenue Growth Strategies: Understanding Acquisition Versus Self-Creation

When it comes to sales revenue growth, there are two strategies that are often overlooked by many: acquisition and self-creation. In this episode, Doug C. Brown flies solo to shed light on these great yet underutilized strategies. He then compares acquisition to self-creation, outlining each of their pros and cons and who can best benefit […]