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Hit Or Exceed Your Sales Quota: How To Do It Consistently With Ken Cheo [Episode 135]

CSS 135 | Business Quota

Whether it’s hitting your own sales goals or a set quota, how would you feel if you achieved your goal numbers every month? This week, Doug C. Brown speaks with Ken Cheo, the founder of Our Sales Coach. Doug and Ken discuss hitting your quota every month and what holds salespeople back from doing it. They discuss how to set goals for success, strategic versus tactical thinking, how to create and communicate meaning for your buyers, and much more.

Peer To Peer Selling And Sales Enablement With Nate Nasralla – [Episode 45]

CSS 45 | Peer To Peer Selling

How are you building champions in your business?
One of the best ways to do this is with peer-to-peer selling, as it’s a great way to build trust, focus on building a win-win relationship, and close more sales. Tune in to this episode of CEO Sales Strategies to hear Doug C. Brown and Nate Nasralla, CEO of Fluint.io, discuss finding champions for your accounts, selling large and complex sales, navigating layers of communication, and more.

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