Ethical Sales: Playing The Long Game And Getting Repeat Customers With Glenn Poulos [Episode 136]

CSS 136 | Repeat Business

How do you sell with integrity and retain trust and rapport with your clients? The secret lies in ethical sales. This week, Doug C. Brown speaks with Glenn Poulos, the co-founder of GAP Wireless, Inc. and author of Never Sit in the Lobby: 57 Winning Sales Factors to Grow a Business and Build a Career Selling. Doug and Glenn discuss selling with integrity to you and your clients, becoming a 1% earner, insights Glenn has gained after successfully selling two companies, and much more.

Becoming A Top 1% Earner: The Power Of Leverage And Mastering The Long Game With Connie Whitman [Episode 132]

CSS 131 | Long Game

When you’re building a business relationship, what’s the goal you have in mind? Many salespeople have a primary focus on one thing – closing a sale. And while this is a great goal, making this your primary focus might end up biting you in the long run when it comes to your success. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Connie Whitman, the founder of Changing the Sales Game, about how to maximize your relationship for ultimate success by playing the long-term game over short term benefit. Doug and Connie discuss playing the long game in selling, building relationships that benefit your business and your life, and much more.