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The Three Yous: How Impression Management Can Help You Get To The Top 1% Of Earners With Robert Mixon – [Episode 97]

CSS 95 | Impression Management

Do you want to become a stronger leader? In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown talks leadership with retired U.S. Army Major General and founder of Level Five Associates, Robert Mixon. Doug and Robert discuss the “Three You’s”, what they are, and why each one matters. They also discuss traits of the best leaders, why you need others to help you succeed, and strategies for how to reach the top 1% of earners.

Lighten Your Days: Managing Your Stress To Manage Your Business With Professor Pete Alexander – [Episode 82]

CSS 81 | Manage Stress

There is no doubt that stress can take a huge toll on your health when it’s unmanaged. However, stress does not have to be a negative thing – and it can actually have a positive impact when it’s managed correctly. Doug C. Brown speaks with Professor Pete Alexander, co-owner of Office Plants by Everything Grows and Stress Management Specialist. They discuss how to manage stress, how to reduce stress for better efficiency amongst your team, and much more.

An Entrepreneurial Journey Through Selling, Culture Shift, And Success With Joshua Simon -[Episode 59]

While company culture may be a familiar concept, there are a lot of layers to go through in making it truly fit your business. In this week’s episode, Doug C. Brown has a conversation with Joshua Simon, the founder of SimonCRE, an Arizona-based real estate development firm. Doug and Joshua discuss company culture, lessons Joshua has learned since founding SimonCRE at the age of 24, the power of staying focused, why your core identity as a business leader is critical to your company’s success, and much more.

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