How To Get The Right Client And Make The Right Business Plan With Brandon White – [Episode 89]

CSS 87 | Business Plan

Synergy between client and business is critical to success. However, not everyone knows how to achieve this – or how to build their business to do so. In this episode, Doug C. Brown speaks with Brandon C. White, entrepreneur, angel investor, former venture capitalist, and host of EDGE Podcast. They discuss the ins and outs of business planning, why tradition isn’t always the right path to follow when building a business, and how to attract perfect-fit clients to your company.

How The Right Mindset Can Boost Your Revenue With Mike Black

Having the right mindset could lead to an incremental boost in sales and revenue in any business venture. Join Doug C. Brown and CEO of Told Media Mike Black as they delve into innovation, marketing, and increasing revenue. In this episode, Mike talks about his professional journey and best working tips from the outbound sales […]