Susan Merlo On Generating Leads With Information Products – [Episode 73]

CSS 73 | Information Products

Many people might think that free products are counterintuitive to growing a business, but this is not necessarily true. When done properly, they can be an excellent incentive for new business and generating new leads. On this week’s episode of CEO Sales Strategies, Doug C. Brown speaks with Susan Merlo, founder of Digital Distributors and author of “The Digital Distributor: Six Steps to Accelerate Sales”. Doug and Susan discuss creating an information product, building trust and rapport with your customers, and much more.

Communicate Or Die – [Episode 55]

CSS 55 | Communication

Communication is the crux of your success. There is no way around it. Every fundamental in business stems from a common root – and this is the ability to communicate effectively with the people around you, whether it’s your clients, others in the company, and anyone else that you come into contact with. This applies to all aspects of life and relationships, too. In today’s solo episode, Doug C. Brown uses real-world examples of how communication impacts the customer experience, and does a deep dive into how great communication can boost your growth.