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The Value Of Media Exposure With Yitzi Weiner [Episode 117]

CSS 117 | Media Exposure

How can you get media exposure to bring outstanding value to your company? Many of us know that more eyes means more chances of attracting clients – but many of us also don’t know how to obtain this. In this episode, Doug C. Brown has a fascinating conversation with the Editor-in-Chief of Authority Magazine, Yitzi Weiner. Doug and Yitzi discuss the importance of branding to creating a connection with your audience, why a brand goes far deeper than just marketing, and how media exposure can propel your business to soaring heights.

Branding Is Everything: How Branding Affects Your Sales, Your Employees’ Efficiency, And Your Customers’ Perception Of You With Jason Byer – [Episode 93]

CSS 90 | Branding

The right kind of branding can make or break your company, and in today’s information-filled world, it’s more important than ever. This week, Doug C. Brown speaks with Jason Byer, the Manager of Marketing and Partnerships at Crowdspring. Doug and Jason discuss all things behind building a successful brand, the do’s and don’ts of doing so, how branding can influence all areas of your company, why a strong identity can equal more sales, and much more.

Capitalizing On The Shift With Win-Win Communication And Selling With Brian Scudamore

Win-win communication and selling is the art of making sure your customer buys the product that is exactly what they need. This principle is exactly what Brian Scudamore, founder and CEO of O2E Brands, follows in his businesses, which he has grown into a successful enterprise. In this episode, Doug C. Brown explores how Brian does business, […]

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