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Hire For Success: Choosing The Right People For Your Team With Mike Sipple Jr. [Episode 19]

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When it comes to the hiring process in your company, what do you think of first?

If you are like many people, it may be whether the new hire will fit your company. Have you thought about how much further this may go? Many businesspeople hire salespeople without truly thinking of what the new salesperson may bring. During this episode, Doug C. Brown and hiring expert Mike Sipple, Jr. discuss the hiring process, what to look for in a new hire, and how to truly elevate your new hire in your team.


In this episode, you will learn:


Episode’s guest – Mike Sipple, Jr.

Mike Sipple, Jr. is the cofounder and CEO of the Talent Magnet Institute. Mike also hosts the Talent Magnet Institute podcast and is the president of Centennial Executive Search and Talent Strategy. He is also a writer, an advisor, and a public speaker. Mike is very passionate about community engagement and sees it as a way to help the community as well as improve your organization.

Visit his website: www.talentmagnet.com

Mike is offering a self-care quiz to our listeners. You can get it here: www.talentmagnet.com/giveaway

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