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Are you ready to net $500K or more
or be at the top 1% of earners in your industry
through selling?

Be part of


Who this is for?

For people who truly understand that every business is a client acquisition business through which the revenue is generated and are committed to doing the work to become the top 1% earner.

What is the TOP 1% ACADEMY?

It's the in-depth experience and training
on the right skills, processes, activity management, and way
of thinking as a top 1% earner.

(Focusing on B2B and high ticket B2E selling)

What is included in the TOP 1% ACADEMY?

There are 2 pillars: CORE and LEVERAGE

They can be implemented separately but they give maximum results if done together


Why CORE is important?


ADDITIONALLY (after determining the right-fit topic and
platform) :

  • Publication in Authority Magazine
  • Publication in Thrive Global
  • CEO Sales Strategies Podcast interview

Why Leverage is important?

What are the benefits of mastering the
knowledge and skills learned in the
Top 1% Academy?



How to become part of Top 1% Academy?

By application only.

They can be implemented separately but they give maximum results if done together

(Financing options available)

Click the button below to apply.

You will be asked to answer questions. Please answer all questions truthfully as based on your answers you will be approved or disapproved.
If your application has been approved we will be invited to the conversation to determine the right fit and answer additional questions you might have.

Hi, I am Doug C. Brown,


My sales acquisition and revenue growth skills have helped me to:

  • Increase a company’s close rate by 862% and their revenue growth by 116% – all within four months.


  • Generate over $600 million in sales for myself and my clients.


  • Generate $3.44M in less than 10 weeks for a client in the coaching and training industry.


  • Sell equipment to Aerosmith, Boston, The Eagles, Extreme and other major bands.


  • Become the #1 sales representative for a $2-billion company.


It’s time for you to learn my sales acquisition framework and implement sales revenue tactics so you and your company can be successful, too.

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