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Case Study

Unlocking Business Growth and Charging Her Worth

by Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade, a consultant and coach based in the USA, faced a common challenge among entrepreneurs – stagnation in business growth. Despite her expertise, Michelle’s sales system lacked predictability and positioning, limiting her ability to charge what she truly deserved. With an average sale of $15,000 per client, she sought to break free from this plateau and achieve remarkable success in her business.


Stagnant Business Growth

Michelle's business had reached a point of stagnation, making it difficult for her to scale and increase her revenue beyond the $100,000 per year mark. The lack of predictability in her sales system hindered her progress.

Difficulty in Charging Her Worth

Despite recognizing her true value, Michelle felt uncomfortable charging higher fees for her services. This mindset limitation restricted her from positioning herself as a premium service provider and charging what she truly deserved

Inconsistent Prospect Generation

The absence of a consistent prospecting system made it challenging for Michelle to attract high-value clients consistently. She needed a reliable approach to bring in new opportunities and grow her client base.

The Solution

To address Michelle’s challenges and propel her business to new heights, a comprehensive approach was implemented:

Identifying and Recognizing True Value

Together, Michelle and her mentor delved into identifying her actual value as a consultant and coach. This process allowed her to gain clarity on her expertise and recognize the worth of her services.

Reorganizing the Sales Process

The sales process was restructured to position Michelle's services at the right value. By understanding the mindset and strategies of 1% earners, she was empowered to confidently charge what she deserved.

Instituting a New Prospecting System

A new, effective prospecting system was introduced to attract high-value clients consistently. This system increased the flow of opportunities and expanded her client base.


The transformative journey with Michelle yielded remarkable outcomes:

Exponential Revenue Growth

Michelle's business experienced a significant turnaround, and she achieved a major milestone by closing her first client for an impressive $300,000 within the first few months of implementing the new strategies. This substantial boost in revenue marked a turning point in her business trajectory.

Confidence and High-Level Conversations

With newfound clarity and confidence, Michelle engaged in higher-level conversations with potential clients. Her ability to articulate her value and expertise attracted higher-paying clients, further fueling her business growth.

Enhanced Personal and Business Relationships

The positive effects of the transformation extended beyond her business. Michelle experienced stronger connections with her husband, friends, and clients. This newfound harmony and satisfaction spilled over into her personal life, enriching her overall well-being.

Client Testimonial

"I have more clarity and confidence. Clients seem to be raining out of the sky, coming to me. I am moving with the contract for a client that is upwards of $300,000."
Michelle McGlade

Through strategic guidance and the implementation of a proven system, Michelle transcended her previous limitations and achieved exceptional success in her business. Her ability to charge her worth, attract high-value clients, and strengthen personal relationships has transformed her life, allowing her the freedom to pursue her dreams, including world travel.

The case of Michelle McGlade stands as a testament to the power of adopting the mindset and strategies of top 1% earners, unlocking hidden potential, and experiencing exponential growth in both business and personal life.

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