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Case Study

Unlocking Business Growth and Mastering Sales

by Barbara “Basia” Piasek

Barbara “Basia” Piasek

Barbara “Basia” Piasek, the co-owner of Wolves Summit, a company based in Poland, was a highly talented individual running a business focused on connecting entrepreneurs with investors. Despite her capabilities and hard work, the company’s profitability fell short of expectations, leading to long working hours and a lack of fulfillment. Basia had a strong desire for more success, and wanted to start a family, but faced financial challenges due to lower-than-desired sales.


Low Profitability and Long Working Hours

Despite her talent and efforts, Basia's company struggled with lower profitability than anticipated, forcing her and her business partners to work long hours to keep the business afloat. This situation impacted their work-life balance and overall fulfillment.

Financial Constraints Hindering Personal Goals

Basia's desire to start a family was hindered by the financial challenges stemming from lower sales and profitability. The lack of funds made it difficult for her to prioritize personal needs while managing the business.

Sales Success and Emotional Triggers

The company faced challenges in converting prospects into customers. Basia sought effective sales techniques and strategies to improve conversion rates. Additionally, emotional triggers affected her reactivity and focus, further impacting her ability to drive the business forward.

The Solution

To address Basia’s challenges and accelerate business growth, a comprehensive approach was implemented:

Sales Success Process and Conversion Techniques

Basia underwent training on sales success processes and conversational conversion techniques. She learned effective ways to convert prospects into paying customers, increasing the company's sales and revenue

Emotional Triggers and Focus

Strategies were deployed to address Basia's emotional triggers, reducing reactivity, and improving focus. This allowed her to make more informed decisions and lead the company with clarity and purpose

Building and Training a Sales Team

A sales team was built, and was trained in the same sales methodology. They focused on live events, attracting and selling to 1,400 new prospects within a week, which significantly expanded the company's client base.


The transformational journey with Basia yielded remarkable results

Company Growth and Industry Recognition

Through effective sales strategies and improved profitability, Basia's company grew to become the third largest and fastest growing company in its industry. The company's reputation as a world leader in the field attracted investors and corporations seeking their expertise

Mastering Sales Success

Basia became adept at selling to corporations, small-sized business owners, and individuals, successfully closing deals for significant amounts, including big-ticket sales in the hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

Profitable Exit and New Ventures

Basia and her partners sold the company for a healthy profit, allowing them to achieve their personal goals, such as starting a family and taking time off. Emboldened by the mastery of the 1% Earners system, Basia started a new company that rapidly grew with good profitability, showcasing her ability to replicate success in her ventures.

Client Testimonial

"I know how to sell to corporations, small-size business owners, and individuals. I sell big tickets for hundreds of thousands of US dollars."
Barbara “Basia” Piasek

Through strategic guidance and mastering the art of sales success, Basia transformed her business into a thriving and sought-after enterprise. Her journey from financial constraints to financial freedom and industry recognition serves as a testament to the power of adopting the 1% Earners system, allowing for lifelong success in any business endeavor.

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