To Be A 1% Earner You Must Transform Into a Client Acquisition Master

7 Easy Steps

To Become
a 1% Earner In
Your Industry

Why Attend This Training

Because your current Income is not enough, and you want more

Because you want to work smarter vs harder

Because you aspire to be a top 1% earner in your industry

Because you want more disposable income

Because you want more quality clients
Because you want better marketing that supports you

Because you want your business and income to grow, and you are tired of being stuck at the same level

Because you want to spend more quality time with yourself and or your loved ones

Because you know you have not reached your earning potential and know there is more there for you

Because your cash flow is not predictable, and you want higher financial security

Get Answers To These Questions


How To Get More Income

How to free yourself from working harder and start working smarter

What is required to be a 1% Earner

How to have more time and freedom

How to get stable cash flow in your life

What is a must to have better quality clients

How to start no matter what level you are currently at

How to leverage someone’s proven methodology and model for yourself

In This FREE Live Virtual Workshop You Will Understand

  • The Four Types of opportunities that lead to a 1% dream client
  • The must have characteristics of a 1% earner
  • What skills are required to be a 1% earner
  • What repetitive behaviors take your sales earnings to the next level
  • How to become the most logical choice in your market

Here is what we are going to cover:

  • The challenges to become a 1% earner

  • The 7 biggest mistakes stopping you from your 1% earner potential and how to avoid them

  • Several successful case studies of 1% earners

  • The 7 easy steps blueprint to become a 1% earner in your industry


More sales

Higher Income

Higher Profits

Greater Security

Higher predictability



Confidence/Less Fear


Stronger Mindset




Jim & Jackie Morey

I have attended sales programs and a lot of coaching programs, but the 1% was really special because I learned a lot of information that I had never ever heard before. 

I got three specific results. Number one, confidence.confidence, s Number two, forward momentum.The third result was I got three brand new clients right away.

I would recommend the course to my friends and colleagues because it is filled with proven strategies that have worked over and over again. Not only with medium-sized businesses, but small businesses all the way up to billion-dollar industry and billion dollar businesses. Also, my husband and I have gotten immediate results and that’s why I would recommend CSC training to my friends and colleagues.


Coach David Thorpe

 I’m an incredibly technical person and not a very good salesperson. I found that the structure put together worked really well and resonated well with me. I was able to apply those learnings from the training immediately into my workplace, and also with building my business and building my client base. 

The biggest roadblock that I overcame was really understanding the psychology of people. Once I understood the psychology better, I was able to go through and engage with people, with teammates and with my family a lot more efficiently as well. 

Subsequent to the program, I’ve had an incredible engagement. I’ve got a large number of referrals. My business is becoming more organic and growing quite successfully from the courses and from the training. It’s been excellent. I’d recommend the course to my friends and colleagues because it’s about conversion strategies.


Tim Genster:   

The training struck me as a special training because I knew it was going to be delivered by experts, experts who know how to deliver real value. The other part about that is that I knew that going into this there’s really no such thing as knowing too much about converting. If you’re a business owner, it’s something you have to master or you’re going to see your business fade away.

The biggest roadblock I overcame was getting some more detailed insights about where some of my skills were lacking. I’ve had a fair amount of training and background and experience in marketing and sales and, in fact, in copywriting, but when it came to understanding working with someone, talking to someone, one on one, I too often was being lax in asking the tougher questions. 

I’m actually developing a course of my own. I expect I’m going to see real results for it.


Joselyn Quintero 

I loved this training because it contains all of the professional parts of selling, which you can use no matter where you are, it really works.

The biggest roadblock that I overcame was having the confidence to close the sale. 

The specific results that I got just after finishing was closing my first five customers, which for me was a huge success.

I definitely would recommend to my friends and colleagues this program because you can use it not only with people on the internet but also you can use it with any level from executive to president in an organization and you can really, really close the sales without any problem.

Hi, I am Doug C. Brown,


My sales acquisition and revenue growth skills have helped me to:

Increase a company’s close rate by 862% and their revenue growth by 116% – all within four months.

Generate over $700 million in sales for myself and my clients.

Generate $3.44M in less than 10 weeks for a client in the coaching and training industry.

Sell equipment to Aerosmith, Boston, The Eagles, Extreme and other major bands.

Become the #1 sales representative for a $2-billion company.

Isn’t it time for you to learn my sales acquisition framework and implement sales revenue tactics so you and your company can be successful, too?